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Whether its a New Boiler, old combi boiler, full boiler Service or Boiler Repair our heating engineers are professional and all fully trained, we will provide to you outstanding quality and service, we will install or repair your Central Heating System or Boiler with the highest standard of service.

We can help with replacing your existing boiler and central heating system, or a completely new installation. 

Our boiler installation quotes are fixed so even if there is unexpected work, you won’t pay a penny more. Installed by our Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered engineers. 

Boiler & Heating Service. 

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Service and Maintenance. 

Gas safety checks. 

Landlord gas safety certificates. 

We only charge from time of arrival. 

Gas leaks. 

Gas central heating boilers. 

All work is guaranteed.

The first step to getting a new energy efficient boiler is a free no obligation quote. One of our experienced heating advisors will be happy to visit you at your convenience to discuss your requirements: or phone today 01420 86462

Then why not install a new high-efficiency boiler. They can be up to 35% more efficient which, with the average household fuel bill around £1,200 per year, could equate to savings of up to £225 per household, per year.*

boiler is one of the most expensive and essential items in your home. To keep the boiler working safely all year round, it is important that you have it serviced regularly.


Here are four key benefits of regularly servicing your boiler


  1. Safety: While gas leaks are rare, regular maintenance will help avert any such incidences and keep your home/family safe.

  2. Energy efficiency: Regular servicing is also a great way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient manner and does not hike your energy bill.

  3. Extend boiler life: An annual gas boiler service will ensure that you can use your boiler for the longest time possible.

  4. Boiler cover claims: Importantly, even if you have a boiler cover, the home insurance company will require boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim.



Frequency of boiler service


You should have your boiler serviced once a year. The best time to do this is at the end of the summer, as the boiler may have developed a problem due to inactivity. Having your boiler serviced at this time will also save you the hassle of doing without hot water and heating during the harsh winter season.

However if at any time, you notice any visible corrosion of the boiler body, water leaks from the boiler, or an unusual colour in the heated water, immediately have your plumber/gas engineer inspect the boiler. If you have a gas boiler, ensure that you only call a Gas Safe Certified engineer for all repairs and maintenance.



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