Terms & Conditions

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the area that is to be worked in is free of hazardous obstacles and obstructions. Should we deem that the site is hazardous or dangerous for our staff to work in; the work will stop until such time as the site is safe to work in.

  2. Should the site not be made safe for work to continue the customer will be billed for any labour already under way and any parts or materials purchased for the job.

  3. The customer will provide a safe storage for parts and materials purchased and delivered to customers address. Any parts or materials that go missing whilst on site and need replacing will be charged to the customer. We deem that parts and materials that are purchased for a job/installation are the property/ownership of the customer once they are delivered to the customer.

  4. When parts are ordered for a repair and the customer chooses to cancel the order from us, after we have placed our order with our supplier, any cost involved with cancelling the order will be passed to the customer.

  5. Some parts/materials that we supply incur a restocking fee some as much as 30%. By accepting our quote/estimate you agree that you have checked the products you have been quoted or estimated for are correct.

  6. By accepting your quote or estimate either in writing or by verbal confirmation you are here by accepting & agreeing to the term & conditions laid out within this document.

  7. When we arrange for other tradesman to carry out work on your behalf we are only acting as agent and we are not liable for their workmanship or any of their health & safety policies. You have the right to refuse to use any tradesman that we put forward to work for you.

  8. We are not liable for any independent tradesman we put forward, and any billing will be between you and them. We will not be chasing up other tradesman on your behalf if you are not satisfied with them or their workmanship.

  9. It is the customer responsibility to check ours and other independent tradesman’s qualifications we cannot be held responsible for a tradesman we have put forward if they qualification have lapsed.

  10. We will endeavour to list all parts/material required for an installation on our quote or estimate but from time to time some parts are missed in error. Parts omitted from quote or estimate and used in an installation will be added to the final invoice.

  11. We reserve the right to replace parts materials with an equivalent product if the part quoted is not available.

  12. A minimum charge of one hour will be charged for our engineer/plumber/electrician to attend regardless of how long the visit is up to one hour. Any visit lasting longer than an hour will be charged thereafter at an hourly rate.

  13. Advice given to customers is only our opinion and should not be considered as absolute. Advice given is given only as a guild line with the aim to provide the best solution for the customer needs. Customers taking our advice do so knowing that this is only our opinion and other solutions may be an option. We take no responsibility if you choose to follow our advice and you are not satisfied with the outcome.

  14. Upon an installation warranties and guarantees will be given to the customer, it is the responsibility of the customer to fill out and send off these warranties & guarantees. We cannot accept any liability for this product and you should contact the manufacturer in the first instance.

  15. We will change any faulty part supplied by us free of charge for ninety day from the date of installation. After ninety day a charge will be applied to change these parts.

  16. We will not take any responsibility for faulty parts supplied by the customer. A charge will be applied to change or remove and reinstall a faulty part.

  17. The customer will allow for us to their electric to charge batteries and run power tools, to use water & toilet facilities. On some installation there may be the need for access to every room. If we are working on a heating system please bare this in mind when booking.

  18. While undertaking work at your property there may be a need to lift floorboards, carpets, channel walls or remove section of bathroom or kitchen units to complete a repair or installation. While every effort will be made to limit any damage we accept no liability for damage caused while accessing the area needed to be worked on.

  19. Payment is to be settled within seven days of installation or repair and on customer satisfaction. Failing to pay on time or not at all may or will invoke legal proceedings to recover the debt. 

  20. We will endeavour to correct any unsatisfied issues you may have with an installation or repair. Please contact us ASAP if you any issues. After ninety days a charge maybe applied.

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