What is power flushing?

What is power flushing? What does it do? How do I know if I need one? Can't I just drain the system? I'll take the radiator off,flush it with the hose?

These are all some of the questions we are always asked about power flushing. Boiler manufacturers require that a heating system is cleaned prior to installing a new boiler to validate the warranty on the boiler. But it's not just when a new boiler is installed that some heating systems require a system flush.

Over time your heating system builds up layers of sludge and magnatite, the result 

of this can be radiators not getting warm all over, this is something you may have

noticed for yourself? If you have noticed that you have cold spots at the bottom of

some of your radiators this is a good sign of sludge build up.

Of course we cant always see or notice where sludge and magnetite builds up, your

heating system will have many meters of pipework that could be blocked or restricted

by this build up of sludge & magnetite. these restrictions are making your system less efficient to run.

                                                                                                            A power flush will remove the sludge & magetite from both the radiators & the

                                                                                                            pipework, restoreing the effiencey of you heating system and reducing you fuel                                                                                                                     bills.

How does the power flush work? It work by connecting the power flush machine on to your heating system, either by removing the circulating pump and conneting from there or by the removal of a radiator to connect to the heating system. the power flush machine will pump 

circulating water around you system, Chemicals are added to aid in the breakdown of the sludge & magnetite.

Each radiator on the system gets flushed individually, while the the other closed off. The radiators

are agitated to dislodge and move debris with vibration, the removed sludge & Magnetite is

collected in the power flush machine untill pumped out down a drain. the system is the neutralised

so the Ph levels are the same as your incoming water.

                  Power flush up to ten radiators for just £475.00 + vat

           This price includes the chemicals and the system inhibitor




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